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Welcome to the online home of “City of Memphis Pension: The FACTS,”
a website created by the Memphis Fire Fighters Association devoted to
cutting through all of the misinformation about the
City of Memphis Pension System.
While some Memphis politicians have used the recession to scare the public into thinking the pension is in crisis, your emergency service workers have been sitting quietly, waiting to present the facts regarding the pension fund, how it has been poorly funded, and how the City Administration is planning on changing the retirement plan and the steps they are taking that may affect quality employees being recruited or retained.
This website will take you through some of the history of the City of Memphis Pension Plan, that started in
1948, under the old “Commission” form of Memphis city government.

The City of Memphis would like to have you, the citizen, believe that city employees are living a robust
life at the expense of the Memphis taxpayer.  However, what some politicians want you to believe, and the facts themselves, are far from one another.

Pension Fund balance as of April 2015 is $2.235 Billion
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Send a quick email to the City Council and let them know you support your firefighters and you want them to keep the pension.  Just fill in the blanks and hit send.